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Healing Properties
Jojoba oil is very healing and therapeutic. It is one of the oils that nearly matches our own natural sebum. It has a vitamin B complex that helps fight off free radicals, repairs cell damage, and vitamin E that helps speed up cell regeneration. It is a great antiaging agent for a daily skincare routine.
About the plant
A shrub native to the Southwestern United States. Jojoba was widely used by natives of the southwestern deserts of the USA and northwest of Mexico. It was first reported in 1789 by the Mexican historian Francisco J. Clavijero that the Amerindians of Baja California highly prized the fruit for food and the oil as medicine:
Natural Chemistry
wax esters, fatty acids
Extraction Method
expeller pressed and centrifugally filtered
Regeneration Story
Our jojoba oil comes from a family farm stretching three generations in Southwest Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. With over two decades of perfecting the cultivation of Jojoba their plants are 100% organic. That means they never use pesticides or harsh chemicals. Their process makes for exceptionally clean and vibrant oil, seeds are grown then they are expeller pressed, then rested before being centrifugally filtered, then rested again for 30 days to eliminate all impurities, then finally filtered.

Jojoba Oil

Simmondsia chinensis

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