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An all-natural nourishing beard and facial oil.

Experience the harmonious fusion of wild botanicals and organic jojoba oil, immersing your beard and skin in health and rejuvenation. Let the captivating essences of regenerative superstars, Australian Sandalwood, and Peruvian Rosewood, weave their aromatic spell while effortlessly nourishing and balancing your beard with these renowned and distinguished ingredients. Together, this simple but potent formula softens facial hair, promotes strength, shine, and healthy growth.

Wild & Organic Sandalwood + Bergamot Beard Oil, 2 oz

  • Rosewood: Camino Verde operates a large-scale regeneration effort for the endangered Rosewood species. They plant seedlings in local communities and trim low-hanging lateral branches when the trees reach a certain size. These branches are used to produce essential oil, providing significant revenue to communities. This initiative helps reforest degraded land sites with diverse agroforestry systems, contributing to economic stability, food production, and the restoration of one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.


    Sandalwood: Dutjahn is an Australian-owned company committed to sustainable and ethical practices in sandalwood production. They work closely with Aboriginal communities, promoting fair treatment of the land and its people. Their sandalwood essential oil is sourced from Indigenous-harvested wildwood, Western Australian state government wild-harvested wood, and sustainably managed plantation wood. Dutjahn's unique distillation process allows them to produce exceptional oil varieties used in aromatherapy, skincare, and perfume. They prioritize sustainability through initiatives such as reforestation projects and the use of renewable energy sources while supporting local communities and promoting cultural awareness.


    Organic Bergamot: A small family farm in southern Italy nurtures and cultivates bergamot citrus groves using organic methods passed down for four generations. The family's commitment to organic farming ensures the fruits are free from harmful chemicals, benefiting the environment and preserving the natural flavor and aroma of the bergamot. Their dedication to organic cultivation reflects their respect for the land and the goal of producing a healthy and sustainable product for future generations.

White Grapefruit Oil

Tulsi Basil

Tamanu Oil

Regenerative Ingredients: 

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