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A transformative facial oil meticulously crafted to enhance your skin's vitality and radiance. Inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil cleansing, this extraordinary blend of organic botanical oils harnesses the wisdom of nature to cleanse, moisturize, and protect your delicate skin.


Carefully selected organic ingredients work in harmony to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. At the heart of this organic, natural facial oil formula lies the dynamic organic Tamanu Oil, renowned for its ability to boost collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and heal sun damage and scars. This skin-saving ingredient is rich in nourishing fatty acids and potent antioxidants, providing deep hydration and rejuvenation.


With a focus on microbiome and endocrine-friendly formulation, Skin Potion No. 1 respects the delicate balance of your skin's natural ecosystem, never drying or stripping away your natural oils. Using natural skin care oils to cleanse and moisturize supports the health and harmony of your skin's microbiome, promoting a clean body and a radiant complexion from within.


Indulge your senses with each drop, offering an uplifting and generative aromatic experience with the very best organic botanicals. The sweet and citrusy notes of organic Grapefruit Oil awaken your spirit, while the soothing scent of organic Maine Lavender Oil brings a sense of tranquility. A subtle floral hint from organic Palmarosa Oil adds to the harmonious symphony of aromas, while ancient Wild-Harvested Frankincense enhances the entire sensory experience.


Elevate your skincare rituals with this luxurious natural facial oil by gently massaging a few drops into your skin to moisturize, nourish, and restore balance. Or use as a cleanser with a cotton round or washcloth, and let the potent botanicals work their magic, dissolving impurities and replenishing moisture, leaving your skin feeling supple, rejuvenated, and glowing.


But the magic of Skin Potion No. 1 extends beyond organic skin care. Experience its transformative properties on your body as you treat your skin with this indulgent oil. Feel its velvety texture glide over your body, leaving it nourished, soft, and radiant. Nurture your hair by applying a small amount to the ends, enhancing its natural luster and taming frizz. Embrace the boundless possibilities and let Skin Potion No. 1 become an integral part of your holistic self-care routine.


By choosing Skin Potion No. 1, you embrace a commitment to clean beauty, ethical sourcing, and sustainable practices. Every drop of this precious elixir embodies our dedication to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Read more here.

Skin Potion No.1, Natural Facial Oil, 4oz

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  • PlantLust Botanicals features a range of regenerative organic ingredients that are sourced from sustainable and ethical producers who prioritize environmental and social responsibility. Here are some of the regenerative organic ingredients highlighted in Skin Potion No. 1:

    Our Tamanu seed oil is sourced from a group that is deeply committed to preserving the Tamanu trees and promoting sustainable farming practices. Partnering with Helvetas Vietnam, they have initiated a project that has revolutionized the way Tamanu oil is produced and exported. The project began in Tra Vinh province and has since expanded to cover all 13 provinces in the Mekong Delta, creating over 300 jobs and incomes for farmers during the off-season. With a seed output of more than 500 tons annually, and nearly 100 tons of virgin Tamanu oil produced for export, this project has made a significant impact on the lives of local farmers and the environment. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing by visiting

    Our wild-harvested Boswellia sacra resin is sourced from the rugged Dhofar mountains of southern Oman, where the trees thrive in the coastal cliffs and high-altitude fields in the Samhan mountains. We carefully blend the Hojary and Sha'abi varieties to create a unique and exquisite aroma. The resin is locally distilled in Oman, using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. We work closely with harvesters to ensure fair compensation for their hard work and dedication to sustainably cultivating the resin. To further support conservation efforts, we partner with leading universities to conduct comprehensive surveys of the frankincense tree population, monitoring trends and promoting regeneration.


    Learn more by visiting our Ingredients page.

White Grapefruit Oil

Tulsi Basil

Tamanu Oil

Regenerative Ingredients: 

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