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plants. health. regeneration.

plantLust is a manifestation of our deep reverence for the wilderness and the intricate interconnectedness of all living beings. We go beyond being just a beauty brand; we are a collective of herbalists, environmental activists, human rights advocates, parents, and global citizens united in our mission to safeguard the future of our planet for generations to come.

We firmly believe that our health and happiness are intricately linked to our soil, water, and air quality. That's why each product we create is a testament to our commitment to sourcing ingredients from unique projects that make a tangible difference worldwide. Every ingredient aligns with our rubric of ethical human labor, regenerative and organic agricultural practices, GMO-free cultivation, and the highest botanical potency. By supporting these regenerative practices, we strive to make them the standard rather than the exception.

Crafted with care and ritual in small batches, our products are born of love. We cherish limited harvests and seasonal ingredients, utilizing their unique properties to create specialized formulas that nourish and support your body's natural systems. From safeguarding your precious microbiome to nurturing your endocrine system, our formulations are designed to harmonize with your body's innate wisdom. Additionally, we embrace the power of adaptogenic herbs in our Functional Edibles range, catering to your body's specific needs.

Our journey is one of constant exploration as we discover new plants, uncover their hidden powers, and seek agricultural projects aligning with our values. We invite you to visit us often as we continue to unveil exciting new products born from our passion and purpose. Our commitment goes beyond mere sustainability; we are dedicated to regeneration, breathing life into the vital cycles of our planet and embodying their transformative energy.

Join us on this sacred journey, where the wisdom of nature meets the alchemy of self-care. Together, let's honor the regenerative essence of our planet and restore balance, beauty, and vitality to our lives and the world we inhabit.

About Us

Blair Butterfield is an herbalist and an artist who uses both practices as a modality of healing and regenerating land and people. She holds an Interdisciplinary Master's degree focusing on Regenerative Culture throughout the Americas. She founded plantLust Botanicals, a company focusing on restorative farming practices and collaborating with agricultural projects that uplift people and restore landscapes. She has been an advocate and resource for ethical and regenerative supply chains and building autonomous food systems since 2009.


From an early age, she has been engaged with plant medicine and non-conventional farming traditions, empowering the divine feminine and cultivating intuition that the patriarchy and industrialism have traditionally oppressed. She has spent the last five years collaborating with a Peruvian NGO that reforests land in tandem with native communities, creating portraits of ancient medicinal and spiritual plants while also supporting the production of non-timber botanical products, such as essential oils, resins, and oleo-resins. Her collection of plant portraits are featured in publications relating to the life ways of a Peruvian medicine man, in the Ecotopian Library ( A traveling exhibition), and to illustrate plant profiles for ethnographic and therapeutic descriptions of various species. She consults people looking for regenerative self-care and lifeways while making art and writing about the intersections of plants and culture. 

About Blair

Organic tulsi basil


​plantLust Botanicals grows ingredients in collaboration with Stone & Petal regenerative herb farm in historic Cornish, New Hampshire. In addition, we collaborate with Camino Verde, a rainforest restoration project in the Southern Amazon, FairSource Botanicals, a Boswellia tree conservation project working in Africa, United Plant Savers, a project protecting native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada, and many others. See our Ingredients Page to learn more!

Organic botanicals and self care

We have an opportunity to reclaim our relationship as stewards to the natural world while also welcoming its nurturing and restorative gifts. Healing ourselves from trauma, colonization, patriarchy, and large-scale resource extraction are a few essential steps towards creating a just and equitable world. While this seems too broad to take on alone, we can start with our own wellness. Making choices to support small and ethical commerce that is restorative to ecosystems while creating resilience in vulnerable communities is a way to start the global healing process.

In reciprocity

Wild Frankincense tree
Wild Frankincense tree

The Vision

plantLust Botanicals is on a mission to create ethical, regenerative, plant-based products that promote health and well-being while supporting the work being done to restore our planet. Our products are alchemized using pure and potent plant material that is never sprayed, never a GMO, and never adulterated. We want to share our love of nature and the power of plants as allies in restoring health and well-being.

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