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plantLust Botanicals

Our Story

plants. health. regeneration.

plantLust was born from a love of wilderness, dense biodiverse ecosystems, and the gifts each species on this planet offers to another. We are not just a beauty brand; we are environmental activists, human rights advocates, parents, and global citizens working to safeguard this planet's future for the next generation. 

We care about the well-being of our mind, body, and heart and understand that our health is inextricably linked to soil, water, and air quality. That is why each plantLust product contains only ingredients sourced from unique projects that are making a difference worldwide, each fitting within a rubric of ethical human labor, regenerative and organic agricultural practices, GMO-free, and of the highest botanical potency. By supporting these regenerative practices, they will grow into the standard and not the exception.

Made in small batches by hand, we enjoy working with limited harvests and seasonal ingredients to create specialized formulas that support your body's natural systems, including safeguarding your microbiome and endocrine system. We also utilize adaptogenic herbs in our Functional Edibles offerings that target your body's needs. We constantly discover new plants, their powers, and agricultural projects we want to support, so visit us often to find out what new products we have.

~ Blair Butterfield
Founder, Mother, Herbalist, Artist, Writer, Farmer, Plant Lover, and Environmental Advocate!


​plantLust Botanicals grows ingredients in collaboration with Stone & Petal regenerative herb farm in historic Cornish, New Hampshire. In addition, we collaborate with Camino Verde, a rainforest restoration project in the Southern Amazon, FairSource Botanicals, a Boswellia tree conservation project working in Africa, United Plant Savers, a project protecting native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada, and we donate quarterly to the Lotus House Project who is dedicated to improving the lives of women, youth and children experiencing homelessness through education and inspiring self-love.

Camino Verde

" We know the Amazon can be restored -within our lifetime. It's why we do what we do. We know there are ways to bring back the rainforest while improving the livelihoods of people. These greenways are more than sustainable, they're regenerative."

Fairsource Botanicals

FairSource Botanicals was founded in 2019 around one central idea: that sourcing and using botanicals can and should be beneficial for all of the plants and people involved. 

Stone & Petal

Stone & Petal Farm is a regenerative herb farm located in historic Cornish, New Hampshire. The farm is dedicated to building soils, growing medicinal plants, herbs, and aromatics while conserving forests.

Our Mission

plantLust Botanicals is on a mission to create ethical, regenerative, and potent plant-based products that promote health and well-being while supporting the work being done to restore our planet. Our products are alchemized using pure and potent plant material that is never sprayed, never a GMO, and never adulterated. We want to share our love of nature and the power of plants as allies in restoring health and wellbeing.

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