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Healing Properties
With its cheerful and uplifting aromatic, this oil has been used to stimulate the lymphatic system, alleviate water retention, and dispel toxins when used in skincare products.
About the plant
A sub-tropical citrus tree with glossy green leaves that produces white flowers and the familiar grapefruit. It is a hybrid cross between sweet orange (C. sinensis) and the pomelo (C. maxima. It was an accidental cross-pollination, that resulted in what was called the "Forbidden Fruit". It is believed to have happened in Barbados due to reference in a book titled, "'The Forbidden Fruit Tree' in The Natural History of Barbados". species.
Natural Chemistry
Citronellal, geraniol, limonene, a-pinene, neryl acetate, and sabinene
Extraction Method
Cold press of peels
Regeneration Story
Sourced from a rainforest conservation project, this oil is handmade by a Peruvian women’s co-operative.​Originating from the Wetlands of the Peruvian Amazon

White Grapefruit Oil

Citrus paradisi

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