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Indulge your skin with the luxurious Tulsi Decadent Body Butter. Infused with the earthy aromatics of vetiver root, frankincense oil, and holy basil, this body butter is designed to provide a grounding and nurturing experience while leaving your skin shimmering and hydrated.


Crafted from sustainably sourced and clean ingredients, this rich and luscious cream is handmade with love and always organic. Experience the decadence of Tulsi Decadent Body Butter while knowing that you are uplifting people and regenerating our planet with each use.


Tulsi, Vetiver & Frankincense Body Butter, 7oz

  • Featuring Organic Tulsi Basil: 


    Our first sourcing is from our own farm, Stone & Petal, we believe in the power of regenerative agriculture to heal the earth and nourish our bodies. Grown on our small herb farm in Cornish, New Hampshire, we use ethical land practices to build soils and protect the surrounding environment. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our own farm - when we cannot meet demand, we source our oil from India.


    To ensure that this valuable plant is grown and harvested in a way that supports both the people and the planet, regenerative farming practices are employed. Farmers prioritize soil health and biodiversity by planting cover crops, rotating crops, and avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. These practices support the health of the soil and the plants and protect waterways and wildlife habitats.


    The regenerative growing and harvesting of tulsi basil for essential oil also support local communities in rural India. Many small farmers grow tulsi basil as a cash crop, providing economic opportunities for these often marginalized communities. By sourcing essential oil from these farmers, we can support their livelihoods and promote economic growth in these areas.


    Overall, regenerative growing and harvesting practices for tulsi basil not only provide us with a valuable and healing essential oil but also support the health of the soil, waterways, and wildlife habitats and promote economic growth and community development in rural areas.

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Tulsi Basil

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Regenerative Ingredients: 

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