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Introducing our Tulsi (Holy Basil) Hydrosol - a sacred plant of India that brings a unique blend of refreshing, green, and spicy aroma. Known to be favored by Lord Krishna for its heart and mind harmonizing properties, Tulsi is a herb that has been celebrated for its therapeutic benefits for centuries.


Our Tulsi Hydrosol is perfect for those who enjoy a slightly herbaceous and earthy scent. It is a versatile natural remedy that helps shift energy and provides antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. It also acts as a nervine, promoting calmness and reducing anxiety.


Use our Tulsi Hydrosol as a daily facial mist or room spray to uplift your mood and soothe your senses. It can also be added to bathwater, used as a natural deodorant, or added to your laundry to impart a pleasant and calming scent to your clothes.

Tulsi Basil Hydrosol, 6oz

  • At plantLust Botanicals, we take great pride in our commitment to regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming practices. That's why we grow our Tulsi (Holy Basil) locally on our very own regenerative herb farm.


    Our farm is nestled in the verdant hills of Cornish, New Hampshire, where we take care to cultivate our plants with the utmost attention and care. We use only organic and biodynamic farming methods, meaning that our plants are grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals.


    By growing our Tulsi locally, we are able to control the entire process, from seed to harvest, ensuring that our hydrosol is of the highest quality. We harvest our Tulsi at the peak of its potency and distill it using traditional methods, which allows us to capture its full spectrum of therapeutic properties.


    Our commitment to local and sustainable farming practices ensures that our products are of the highest quality and helps us promote a healthier planet. By supporting our regenerative herb farm, you support a sustainable future for us all.

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