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Experience the ultimate indulgence in self-care with our Ritual Body Oil. Our unique blend of bioactive phytonutrients is specially crafted to provide your skin with the nourishment and support it needs to thrive. Featuring an array of botanicals with a long history of benefitting the skin, such as frankincense, this body oil offers unparalleled benefits for your skin's health and cellular repair.

But what sets our Ritual Body Oil apart from others is our commitment to both your well-being and the planet's. We've carefully selected each ingredient for its powerful therapeutic qualities while ensuring it's instrumental in regenerating our planet and uplifting people.

So, whether you're looking to pamper yourself or give the gift of self-care, our Ritual Body Oil is a perfect choice. Its luxurious texture and incredible benefits make it a must-have in any skincare routine, while its sustainability and ethical sourcing practices give you peace of mind that you're making a difference with every use.

Ritual Body Oil, 16oz

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  • PlantLust Botanicals features a range of regenerative organic ingredients that are sourced from sustainable and ethical producers who prioritize environmental and social responsibility. Here are some of the regenerative organic ingredients highlighted in Ritual Body Oil:


    Boswellia Sacra: Fair Source Botanicals emphasizes the importance of sustainably sourcing frankincense oil. The company partners with suppliers who use sustainable harvesting practices that support the long-term health and viability of frankincense trees and the communities that rely on them. By supporting sustainable sourcing practices, Fair Source Botanicals aims to promote environmental and social responsibility while also providing high-quality, regenerative skincare products.


    Aguaje: Hello Rainforest is a sustainable and ethical company based in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. They are committed to protecting the rainforest and empowering local communities through sustainable practices and fair trade partnerships.


    The company was founded by a Peruvian woman who grew up in the Amazon rainforest and saw the negative impact of deforestation and unsustainable practices on the environment and local communities.


    Hello Rainforest sources natural and organic ingredients from the rainforest, such as aguaje fruit and sacha inchi, and uses them to create high-quality skincare and beauty products. They work directly with local farmers and artisans to ensure fair prices and support local economies.


    In addition to its focus on sustainability and ethical practices, Hello Rainforest is committed to promoting education and awareness about the importance of rainforest conservation. They offer educational tours and workshops for visitors to learn about the rainforest and its inhabitants.


    Visit our Learn More section to keep finding out more!

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Regenerative Ingredients: 

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