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Indulge in the healing powers of the Amazon with our Dragon's Blood Healing Ointment. This luxurious balm features Sangre de Grado, also known as Dragon's Blood, a rare and precious resin-like sap that is hand-tapped from a majestic tree in the Peruvian Amazon. Packed with potent medicinal properties, this sacred resin has been used for centuries to heal and protect the skin.


Crafted using cold processes to preserve its living phytonutrients, our healing cream is rich, creamy, and non-greasy, making it perfect for everyday use. With its anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, Dragon's Blood has been known to aid in rapid healing of HSV expression on the most intimate places.


Our Dragon's Blood Healing Ointment is not only deeply nourishing but also ethically and sustainably sourced, supporting the livelihoods of indigenous communities in the Amazon. Harness the healing powers of the rainforest with  Dragon's Blood.

Dragon's Blood Healing Cream, 2oz

  • Hello Rainforest is a sustainable and ethical company based in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. They are committed to protecting the rainforest and empowering local communities through sustainable practices and fair trade partnerships.


    The company was founded by a Peruvian woman who grew up in the Amazon rainforest and saw the negative impact of deforestation and unsustainable practices on the environment and local communities.


    Hello Rainforest sources natural and organic ingredients from the rainforest, such as aguaje fruit and sacha inchi, and uses them to create high-quality skincare and beauty products. They work directly with local farmers and artisans to ensure fair prices and support local economies.


    In addition to their focus on sustainability and ethical practices, Hello Rainforest is committed to promoting education and awareness about the importance of rainforest conservation. They offer educational tours and workshops for visitors to learn about the rainforest and its inhabitants.


    Hello Rainforest works directly with indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest to source sustainable and ethical ingredients, including sangre de grado (Dragon's Blood). They work with the Matsés people in the Peruvian Amazon, who have been using Dragon's Blood for centuries for its medicinal properties.


    Hello Rainforest ensures that the harvesting of sangre de grado is done in a sustainable manner, meaning that the trees are not over-harvested and the ecosystem is not damaged. They work with the Matsés people to implement a rotational harvesting system, which allows the trees to fully recover before being tapped again. This ensures the longevity of the trees and the continued availability of this important resource for generations to come.


    In addition to their sustainable harvesting practices, Hello Rainforest also ensures that the indigenous communities they work with receive a fair price for their products and are able to maintain their traditional way of life. They also provide education and training to the communities on sustainable practices and the importance of conservation.


    Overall, Hello Rainforest is committed to promoting sustainable and ethical sourcing practices in the Amazon and supporting the communities that call it home.

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