Infuse your life with the healing power of plants.

"It is time to go beyond sustainability and towards the regeneration of our planet and its people. We are on a mission to uplift vulnerable communities and landscapes."

Tulsi Basil

In reciprocity

We have an opportunity to reclaim our relationship as stewards to the natural world while also welcoming its nurturing and restorative gifts. Healing ourselves from trauma, colonization, patriarchy, and large-scale resource extraction are a few essential steps towards creating a just and equitable world. While this seems too broad to take on alone, we can start with our own wellness. Making choices to support small and ethical commerce that is restorative to ecosystems while creating resilience in vulnerable communities is a way to start the global healing process.

Self-care is the first radical act you can take for the planet.

When we can show up in our lives as the best version of ourselves we can make choices with clarity, wisdom, and intention. Which leads us to experiencing and sharing joy. The world needs you to feel good so you can do good.